Saturday, 12 September 2015

12 09 2015 Sat

Even been doing housework rather than face studio... but actually that means I'm getting ideas sorted. Current issue is to get l o n g drawings done, because of the shape of the gallery - have done 8 or so of which 2 are useful. One is def interesting. The other maybe.

Was reading Gombrich in Aspects of Form (which I see was issued by the ICA in 1951, bloody hell) His essay Meditations on a Hobby Horse caused me to think on't, mostly because he makes good use of the totem but never once mentions Dada, which to me is strange. Maybe Dada never touched his shore; maybe he didnt know that the French for hobby horse is dada. Maybe it just wasn't relevent to the point he was making (it wasn't, BTW)

Anyway on thinking realised that for me the basis lies in the wheel - the sign of light - ascends through a cross - the sign of many things but chiefly the begining of interaction - and arrives at the mystical head of a unicorn. Or anything really but I like the non-existence, sense of things lost, possiblity of discovery inherent in the unicorn. And the sexual symbol of the horn, natch.

Thats what l've been doing.

The one that works, so far, is taken from old photos of a goddess shot on a portable camera in the early days and developed in the woolwich photo shop, from a collection of greek/roman/egyptain sculptures found underwater and exhibited in the Grand Palais in Paris about a decade ago.
Due to some camera glitch, the goddess has two rings of green light over her face. Nice.

Theres not enough real info in the photo so I made most of it up, ending in  a mermaids fish-tail.

Its nice.

In the meantime the book is at the printers :) Started shaping up a guest list for the show and know what to do about the invitations. Got lots of time; precisely, 2 months.

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