Tuesday, 27 June 2017

27th june 2017 tues

Nearly made a days studio work but it's close to  6pm and still not there. Why not?
Well, firstly had to hit the phone and the computer to fix appointments and flight to London.
Look up insurance info for the lawyer who has decided to sue, finally.
Then it was 10 am and time to do a major shop - since I'm now going away Monday it seemed a good idea to get it done (=for Bob)
Then it was 12.00 and time to have coffee with Kat, Gert and Eliz before lunch with Bob. Then siesta.
After which Bob needed a hand with bits, I had to sew his jeans and my shorts, clean parrot cage, wash dog.
Now I'm going to  prepare dinner and maybe have a bath.
How the days zip past :)
Tomorrow allegedly clear.

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