Friday, 19 January 2018

19 01 2018 Friday

Last night O-B, Gracie, Theo, Tim, Kat, Jim, Peter D., Margaret and I (think that was it) met and talked about performance art having watched The Artist is Present. the Marina Abromavitch apology (I use the term in the sense of medieval theology). It was a good and provocative night and everyone wanted to do it again; agreed on the 19th Feb when we will deal with Dada.

Theo having just turned up overnighted and this morning I press ganged the poor boy into sorting through a huge amount of old pencils, left over from workshopping days. We got it down to a large carrier bag and a small one, pencils cleansed and sharpened, the rest binned. In the process I found Keith Moons' drum stick, obtained many years ago from the drummer himself, on Top of the Pops.

The pencils go to Senegal with a local lady who takes stuff to two villages there.

Most cathartic. Am aiming to get rid of old stuff, unused for years, to make room for more. Either that or a new studio.

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