Thursday, 4 April 2013

april 4th 2013

...The Eros and Psyche  pic mark two looks to me like it should be scrapped. Spent most of yesterday preparing some of the new canvases for painting. Feel I'm missing something and trying  to achieve things I cant. Like, trying to keep the paint sparse, thin, luminous but I'm experimenting with structure on the canvas and have to paint out and scrub the surface which interrupts the process. Think I'm going back to the tried and tested pile-it-on-over whats there. Little bit intimidated by the new canvases I think, spent real money on them and now I'm in awe. Hey ho. Show 'em who's boss I guess. Ha.
Not putting in the time either, starting later and later every day. Gone 9.00 am and I'm not in the studio now.

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