Sunday, 30 November 2014

30th Nov 2014 sunday

Ok Im getting it. The 'This Human Clay' series in ended and ended fluently on the Leaping Men pic - no more of that then. Within that series there are animals and I will seek them out and see what I thought I was up to, then try and develop it.
Maybe. Of course they're stacked in storage and I haven't kept proper records.
When Bob is here and working in the garage, I'll amble along and try and organise the work and certainly photograph it. Its very daunting; theres a lot.Should be done anyway if Im going to open that space to the public - in May? Probably.

Didnt prepare plates but will draw using carbons in the hope that that'll be transferable.

Feeling so much more positive since finding an artist I like (Ernesto Teccani) and (more likely) since having a decent meal and a good rest.

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