Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday 24th Deb 2013

 Its been wonderful finding those portfolios, though of course not that wonderful -:)- have been through them and chosen a short list and am feeling confident and capable - which has enabled me to complete these two aberrations, deviations, departures from whatever is my norm nowadays... the 4 egrets are spaces left white and painted around, I mean the canvas is plain (except for some mistakes) and the Mimosa Queen below and massively out of focus was a series of mistakes that I just kept.
Had a chat with Jim yesterday about the completion of a work. He says leave it the weekend and see if its done on Monday. For me that is a loss of contact with the work that would mean destroying and restarting, probably from scratch. If its out of my head without being finished, its stillborn.

Been photographing the drawing book I made of my fathers death, pretty harrowing. Seeing that great - in every sense - man being reduced to a function of the machines that carried his last human months is horrible. Im glad I did the drawings, at the time I felt there was little choice and Im glad I can look at them now. The book has been hidden for the last decade as too distressing.
-Just tried to upload a couple and lost contact with the server... best leave it that way:)

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