Tuesday, 10 September 2019

10 09 2019

Evasion continues though feeling more energized today. Found a missing painting, the one that is in the catalogue for the Magrie show this year. Had lost it. Eventually went through stock in garage, stock that has found its way to archive room, stock lying around studio. Then started again and it was in the store in garage, stacked with others the same size. Since I couldn't remember what size it was... anyway, that's a day lost.
The Magrie paintings now together.
(= Terre Mere, the newly discovered one; the 4 riders of the apocalypse; four emerging flower paintings; 2 dead flowers) Want to dig out a load of drawings as well, either for a browser or to clip to walls.
All this led to many reflections on painting, purpose of, and my life, ditto.
However I ate a hearty meal and slept well so back to action today:)
Here's a photo of a doorway in the studio.

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