Wednesday, 11 September 2019

111 09 2019

Decent day yesterday, the first for ??? feels like years. Painting still no good but the process is in me now. Though for how long, I dunno... managed to frame this sketch of Stan that I stumbled across looking for something else.
Remember doing it. Thought he looked too troglodyte and did another version, bigger with a larger lower body.   May have binned that one. haven't found it though found some others. What was I doing, drawing Stan all the time?
In retrospect think this version is OK. It has a deal of him about it. The charcoal sits prettily on the canvas paper (bought cheap, used whenever possible) Wish I'd included a cello or at the least the stick thing you play a cello with. 
Of course, this was all done at the time I painted the naked cellist, its coming back to me - they were a part of the studies for that picture. Which puts this around ten years ago, when Debs was alive and causing trouble - and dear Stan wasn't dead. Hey ho; he led an eventful life.

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