Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hope abandoned Feb 02 2012

too wet to photograph but hey, enough - like the ambiguity in her blindfold, is she dreaming these characters or can't she see them and is simply unaware? Is she a Gatekeeper?

Day started with breakfast in cafe with friends, then cleaning the new galerie for the AGM tomorrow night. Madness. Takes half an hour to wash a floor and dust the obvious stuff but it took all morning to achieve nothing but heated french debate with repeats when anyone dropped in, as anyone often did. Eventually just left, giving them Nebuchadnezzar and the Shaman at Nice to cover the sad walls, told them theres more if needed, less is useful. Rest of the day on housework here. With interjections of trying to get the new photos up on the blog. To which I now return... have tomorrow clear for a run at the King.

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