Thursday, 10 November 2011

nov 10th

Late start, bad painting, the ballerina is too incongruous - she'll have to go, she doesn't share the logic of the other parts. Been 'colouring in'- sky, hills - boring, looks bored.

Later, been working under artificial light which aint good but have resolved the ballerina issue by putting a tea cup in front of her, the sort that wizz round on carousels. This massively upset the composition so have added a scull chalice, also supposed to be able to sit in - which helps sort the problem of the bishops feet in that they are now obscured (hadn't been able to decide on barefoot - which seemed too penitential - or what instead.) General shape now sorted, I think.

All very static - but what else? Do I want illusory movement? Its not very appealing. Really interests me because of this unbidden link with Stafford, with whom I now seem to be having a conversation. His smell has returned, a peppery patchouli smell, lovely - I don't think he ever used anything it was just how he smelt. So now this is art as therapy? Does that matter?
I want to see it finished and see what I think then, so I guess its keep on going. I have several clear days to devote to it... what luxury.

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