Tuesday, 22 November 2011

tues 22 nov

Insurance man dealt with by 9.15, hurrah, so to work - and found I was far more interested in the watercolours of yesterday that getting to grips with the Palais de Danse. Tided, redrew, mounted one, generally pottered; then crept up on the painting and made some changes. Handle on cup changed (shoulda done that ages ago but liked the tension of the previous cumbersome composition) fiddled around; desperate to finish now, its not claiming me anymore. But I don't like the product, don't like to look at it. It doesn't please.
Having lunch now, will go and reconsider ...

Later; dunnit dunnit dunnit, bar a bit of tweeking on the tea cup and maybe a go on the surface of the lake. Leaving it to dry. Tiny tweeks is all thats needed. Honest.
Sat down to look at it just as the light was going and fell sound asleep. When I woke up it was obvious that all that green should be blue - alors, I made a lake. Or a river, dunno. That's stopped the excessively fussy surface, up to a point anyway.
Tidied the skull, that's helped too.
Anyway, dunnit.

Now have to stretch some canvases to get on with developing the new drawings... just as my arm was getting better, sigh. An evening of TV and ironing beckons. Great!

Later still; soup, a glass of wine, a read of a book - struck by how at peace I am, how contented, how happy. No idea if the painting is any good and really don't care. It has passed like a storm.

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