Saturday, 7 January 2012

07 01 2012

----the new paintings are daft, girly, stupid, bad -
am I wasting my time? This afternoon might do better to go for a walk.
*remember Picabia and that dreadful series of adverts he did. Ah, but that was then and that was him...

Later; attacked the pictures with a view to camping up the girly stuff and lo! Black paint and a palette knife took over. Beginning to feel directed by A.N.Other; or undirected to a ridiculous extent.
Took a walk, enjoyed the air, felt more able to take charge. Bought some tulips, of an unnatural colour - puce with a hint of lilac - shoved then in a vase and tried to make attractive. Failed.

What else to do but scatter paint around and then try to make sense of it? It fits my pro-forma; to abolish my taste and follow that of the unconscious. No fun though.

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