Tuesday, 17 January 2012

17th Jan 2011

Late start, 9.30 - went for a long (cold) walk first, trying to get some order in my head after the weeks' break. Then just painted the painting on the easel until coffee - then went back and carried on til lunch. Its OK, its the horsefly one and I'd left it ready for some glazing. Nicely dry, glazing has worked, daft as all daftness but I rather like it. Has to dry some more now as the spoon needs proper attention and I'm just making it muddy.

Later; worked on the Hope painting, enjoyed it, some nice tricks with paint. No idea whats going on especially as when I left it a deer was looking through a night-time window, sigh - I'm so sodding whimsical.

Cant remember if I wrote that a few days ago I went through a few portfolios of old drawings and they were dreadful crap. Whatever is going on - and who knows what - its a ferk of a lot better than it used to be. This is terribly cheering.

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