Monday, 6 January 2014

06 01b 2014 monday

difficult... happy drawing, this being monday, though Ceri who was modelling made rather heavy weather of it. Not fluid; not graceful; not comfortable. But solid and textured - just her poses were rather resentful. Not to moan, got some things I may use but nothing for the T of the G picture which is causing problems.
During the drawing I was rather delighting in feeling 'self-authenticated'; I'm doing this after a million years experience and therefore its OK. I can call myself artist. 51 year since I got my first oils! Ferkkinhell. Drawing practice dates from that first experience with a pencil, well remembered, aged 4... 60 years this year.
Im assuming I know how to do it and can ontologically validate myself.
Which doesnt help paint something that wont be painted. Its OK, the stuff Ive done, now I have to proceed with the hallucinatory figures before I can do the rest and the ones I WANT to use are the WRONG ONES.
Wrestled with the issue over the weekend and today and am taking tomorrow off.

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