Saturday, 4 January 2014

4th Jan Sat 2014

Its going really slowly, I can't think why... first layer nearly finished but thats all and its not THAT big. Painting in two halves so have to shift easels about but all manageable.
Very odd dream last night, still thinking about it. An elderly Indian in a three-piece tweed suit, silverygrey with shot green, his long thick grey white hair tied into a bun at the nape of his neck; he put his hand on my shoulder so that I was encouraged to straighten up and stand next to him, at the back of a crowd where something I couldn't see was happening up front; it was a short ceremony of some sort that I was expected to respect. The group nearest us came back with him to my studio (a studio anyway, not one I know) where I was given a baby to look after. It was a weird thing, not right, not-quite human. I liked it though and played with it when it suddenly exploded. The people that were there had been expecting this and cleaned it up really fast, apologising for the mess.

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