Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28th jan tuesday

so it goes... huge fun though bits baffling. Is this a Salome, a Judith? Is it a revenge killing? Would she ever look triumphant? etc etc. One thing that occurred as I fiddled with the cloak - chisel brush, nice range of marks - is that if the cloak were the right blue we'd be dealing with the BVM - so is the woman with a head in her hands the antithesis of the Madonna and child? The murderess and victim? Revenger and  evil do-oer? Wanted to gold leaf the background to big up this BVM aspect but have repainted since taking the last photo - its now sort of putty and working pictorially. Used buff on top of wet rose on top of wet cobalt blue, each with a slightly different viscosity (I'm on stand oil and damart/turps mix, probably too oily already)
Tried to change the green but curiously anything other than this turns the whole thing sentimental. Should probably knock the yellow head wear back in favour of the ochre of the original conception but like it too much at the mo.
Knackered. Have to stand to paint this and done a whole day, minus a half-an-hour walk and lunch - plus coffee break. At this rate I'II be finished before the end of the week - that would be a treat. Wish it was bigger though.

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