Friday, 31 January 2014

jan 31st Friday 2014

NO SLEEP god know why. No alcohol drunk last night, nice cup of nuit calme tea; normally the smell sends me to sleep. Drifted off till 1.00 am and that was it. Read most of the night. Now cross-eyed with weariness but afraid to sleep in case the same thing happens tonight.
Of course spending the evening drawing was probably a mistake. It makes me hyper aware, alert. And happy, unwilling to stop. Joyful pencil dancing.
Today hate the T of the G - horrible picture - and screwed up the deux tetes by messing with the background. May have reclaimed that but still looks weird. Off to gesso now but, hmm, I guess a couple of hours wouldn't hurt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Later; something of a non-day as I zombie'd about... think Im about to call it quits on the deux tetes, below, have gessoed 4 good sized canvases ready for another day and want to draw again all night if need be.

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