Saturday, 11 January 2014

11 01 2014 sat

v early start - too early, now 11.00ish and I'm a wreck. Been for a pre-dawn walk and just now a walk walk, trying to clear the turps and the ideas.
The thing is cluttered, being made of several paintings that don't join up. I'm about to paint out the middle ground. The other thing is that the foreground figures have become Raul Duffy's which whilst an interesting pleasure is not necessarily what Im after. Erase erase.
Later: totally overtaken by Duffy - my attempts to change just dig me in deeper. Found out how he did thing anyway Most interesting. Remembering now the three days I spent at his exhibition at The Musee Paul Valery at Sete. Stayed  in a cheap hotel so I could be the first in each morning - not that it was ever crowded - but I got a full hour alone everyday, except for the guards that followed me around. Drew loads. I guess it took root. When this is done might take the bus to Perpignon and have a look at what they have there... in the meantime, hey la.carry on. Has to dry a bit now so have cleaned palette and am eating out tonight, will take it easy tomorrow.

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