Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21 01 2014 tuesday

 Terrible photo (I hope) but getting there. Took out loads of layers I liked. The train has to be black, it seems; l needed a dense black so mixed rose quinacridone and prussian with ivory black, just the job. Then had a brief walk to think about balancing the lower picture and hit on the mix of caput mortem, voilet and white I used to love. Again had to lose layers so resisting the temptation to wash it over what was there and protect  it, I palette knifed it on over the scraffito, bravely. Those artists whose work has been materialising - Duffy, Sutherland, Piper - abandoned.Still the blue foreground has to be down toned - viridian glaze? - and the sky. Black. I suppose all the light and colourful layers I'm drowning add something to the finish.

Phographing and assessing is my Flaubertian Gueulier, without the volume.

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