Sunday, 12 January 2014

12th jan sun 2014

Brilliant day. Opened studio door and closed it, pronto. Spent morning at the market, buying flowers and 2 ludicrous pairs of trousers, meeting  mates. Once home Ferren MacIntyre dropped round; we talked about the subconscious and dreams and how they tell you things you cannot know, though really he just wanted to find a charity that neutered cats - we did cover a lot of other ground. After I fried a lunch, Andy and Louise and their baby James came round and we had tea and that was fun too though hard to chatter with a toddler about. Did some pottering. Then cooked, opened wine, watched DVD's of the Big Bang ( xmas pressie from Bob) and my dog Lily got a bone wedged in her mouth. She let me into her mouth but the bone was jammed, I couldn't shift it. Rang Ian who cycled round immediately and between us we got it out, both bitten and bloodied though not badly.  Phew. Drank to it all.
Very pleased with myself for keeping out of arts way.

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